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- There are no refunds. Hair can be exchanged within 3 days of having your hair If you have a problem with your hair please contact me and ensure the lace haven't been cut , customized nor installed. Hair must be the same way you purchased it. Please check hair before installing. 


1 to 3 days of proccessing is needed before your order is shipped which takes 2-6 days due to the orders. Insurance will be placed on packages but we are not responsible for damaged or lost packages. Custom units may take 2-3 weeks to be recieved. Tracking Information will be provided via Email.


Once order is processed you cannot make any changes no exceptions. Order will be shipped via address provided at check out.


If your wig is at its natural state be careful and take your time when bleaching the knots. Knots can bleach very quickly. We strongly suggest co-washing your hair before installing. If you are booking A appointment with me I will do so when customizing. Co-washing is a method to wash hair without using shampoo and washing with  A conditioner. If you do decide to use shampoo make sure it doesn't have alcohol in it. When co-washing your hair you should use a moisturizing conditioner to wash the hair. Rinse the hair with cold water.


Daily Maintain

To maintain your hair wash your hair with sulfate free products. (Products that contain sulfate are very damaging and extremely drying to the hair.)  Again AVOID alcohol-based products.  When hair is wet or dry ensure that you comb thoroughly to detangle starting from the ends to the scalp.

Curly hair is a little more to maintain than the other textures. For curly and wavy hair we suggest using a spray bottle with conditioner then rub a serum through the hair after. Condition your ends every couple of days when it feels dirty to refreshing your curls dolls.


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